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– A 16-Hour Pre-License Course and State Exam Are Required –

For all NEW applicants seeking a bail license after September 27, 2023, it’s crucial to note that a 16-hour pre-license course and a State Exam are mandatory prerequisites.

Individuals holding a bail license obtained prior to this date are exempt from this requirement.

**Important Reminders**

1. Pre-Licensing Course Completion: This course must be successfully taken and completed, including both the online portion and in-person portion, to fulfill Alabama’s pre-licensing requirements.

2. In-Person Component: The in-person course, a critical part of your pre-licensing journey, can only be scheduled once you have completed the online course.

3. State Bail Exam: Prior to applying for your bail license, passing the Alabama State Bail Exam is mandatory. This exam evaluates your understanding of Alabama’s bail regulations and ensures that you are well-prepared for your role as a Bail Agent or Fugitive Recovery Agent.

4. Agent information: When registering, please ensure that the person seeking a license fills out the “Agent” field with their information. This includes the Agent’s email address and their cell phone number. Accurate information is crucial to ensure that the licensee receives the appropriate credit.

Additionally, QR codes will be sent to the student for accessing the in-person class, and the same QR code will need to be presented when taking the State Exam. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the cell number provided for course when purchasing is the one the student will have with them on the day of their in-person class.

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Alabama Bail Pre-Licensing Course