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Alabama Bail Bond Association

The Alabama Bail Bond Association (ABBA) is a non-profit business league organized to unify a diverse group of Professional Bail Agents from across the State of Alabama. We strive to empower our members through education, networking, leadership, professionalism and community by promoting higher business standards, ethics, integrity, honor, and methods by encouraging uniformity in all business practices. 


Working together has its benefits.

ABBA strives to protect and serve the best interest of bail agents operating in Alabama. We are committed to promote professionalism, ethical behavior, and education and to enhance the public perception of the bail industry in Alabama. We work toward that goal through unity, education, peer support, and legislative action. If you are not a member we need you to join us in our work. The benefits and rewards are many. 

The ABBA is an action-oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping a safe and prosperous work environment for every bail agent in the state. ABBA’s success is due in part by the many hours ordinary people have dedicated to the betterment of the Alabama Bail Industry. With a few hours each month, you too can make a difference. Become a part of the solution today.


Through our lobbying team, ABBA presents the collective concerns of bail bond agents in a single voice to the Alabama state legislature.



ABBA has a full-time office in Alabama, which provides continuing education to state bail agents and bail enforcement agents, providing four (4) seminars annually.


Please get involved by attending our meetings. You will learn something and have a good time. You will have an opportunity to get to know agents from all parts of Alabama.

Political Action Committee

Alabama political action committee, Volunteer PAC, supports the campaigns of candidates who are aware of the valuable function the bail bond industry serves in the state’s justice system.

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ABBA strives to protect and serve the best interest of bail agents operating in Alabama.

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Our profession and our associations are held in great respect by the general public, court system, and local governments.  Our goal is to work towards a better future for not only the communities we operate in but within our industry itself.

By joining you are becoming part of the finest bondsmen Alabama has to offer.  We offer many member benefits including continuing education, member directory, seminars, cutting edge industry information, and more.

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