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Alabama Bail Bond Association – Your Path to Licensing

Welcome to the Alabama Bail Bond Association, your trusted education provider for aspiring Bail Agents and Fugitive Recovery Agents in the state of Alabama. If you’re looking to embark on a career in this field, you’ve come to the right place.


Understanding Alabama Bail Law Regulations

In Alabama, the operation of a professional bondsman or surety bondsman, or the practice of a recovery agent, is strictly regulated by state law and enforced by the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board, a regulatory organization that licenses and regulates professional bail, surety and recovery agents. The Board was established in 2019 and is authorized by the Code of Alabama 1975, Section 15-13-200 through 15-13-219

As per Section 15-13-202 of the Alabama code, no individual may present themselves as a professional bondsman or surety bondsman without a valid license as provided by this article. This section emphasizes that individuals may not hold themselves out to the public as professional bondsmen or recovery agents unless they possess a valid license.

Pre-Licensing Course Requirement

One of the key prerequisites for obtaining a license as a professional bondsman or a recovery agent in Alabama is the successful completion of a pre-licensure education course. This course is a mandatory requirement, whether you are seeking to become a licensed Bail Agent or Fugitive Recovery Agent or hold an Apprentice license.

Section 15-13-217 Examination; continuing education; certification; costs and fees.

(a) A professional bondsman, professional surety bondsman, or recovery agent commencing business in any judicial circuit in this state on and after June 1, 2020, shall attend a 16-hour instructional course conducted by an educational provider approved by the board and pass an examination approved by the board and administered by an educational provider approved by the board.


The Alabama Bail Bond Association has been approved by the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board to provide the State Bail Pre-licensing Course and administer the State Pre-Licensing Exam.


Course Overview: Online and In-Person Components

Our Pre-Licensing course offered by the Alabama Bail Bond Association is designed to help you meet this vital requirement. The course consists of two parts:

1. Online Portion: Students are required to purchase, complete, and pass the online portion of the pre-licensing course. This can be done at your own pace, and it is required to pass this section before scheduling the in-person portion for all bail, recovery and those holding Apprentice Licenses.

2. In-Person Portion: Following the successful completion of the online course, you’ll have the opportunity to attend an in-person class, that may be scheduled via our website. This is a crucial part of the course, where you’ll have the chance to interact with instructors and fellow students to enhance your understanding of Alabama’s bail laws. There is no additional charge for the in-person portion or the State exam, the cost was included in the purchase of the on-line course, students only need to schedule their desired in-person class.


**Online Course must be purchased and completed BEFORE scheduling in-person education class


State of Alabama Bail Bond Exam

Upon completing the in-person portion of the course, you’ll be eligible to take the State of Alabama Bail Bond Exam. The State of Alabama Bail Exam will be administered at the end of the in-person class. This exam tests your knowledge of the state’s bail regulations and ensures that you are well-prepared to operate within the boundaries of the law.

**Registration for the in-person class will close five days before the course. This deadline is in place to enable test proctors to confirm students’ completion of the online course and to provide an accurate count of the State Exams to be administered.

Retake Policy

We understand that exams can be challenging, and not everyone may pass on their first attempt. In such cases, we offer a second chance. If you do not achieve a passing grade {70%) on the State Bail Exam, you may retake it immediately. However, if you fail the exam a second time, it must be rescheduled for a future date.

Prepare and Succeed

If you’re considering a career as a Bail Agent or Fugitive Recovery Agent in Alabama, it’s essential to prepare well in advance of your desired in-person class and testing date.

Allow yourself ample time to successfully complete the online course, as this is a critical step in your journey toward becoming a licensed professional in the bail industry.

At the Alabama Bail Bond Association, we are here to guide you through this process, ensuring that you are well-prepared and informed about the necessary requirements and regulations.